Pricing Information

Basic Alteration Price Guide

Pant Hems $12.00 add rush service fee if you would like to wait
Original Jean Hems $15-20.00 add rush service fee to wait
Cuffed or Lined Hems $16.00 add rush service fee to wait
Waist Seats in/out on plain trousers $14.00
Waist Seats in on flat felled seams $18.00 & up
Plain side seams in $12-18.00 below band, $18-25.00 to go through band
Jean side seams in $20-25.00
Zipper replacement in pants 3-9" long $16-18.00

Skirt/dress hems start at $10.00 and they can go up to $30 (day wear)
Lined hems start at $18.00 fuller skirts can go up to $45.00
Pleated skirt hems start at$25.00
Formal Dress hems start at $35.00 and will go up depending on fullness & layers
3 layer gowns start at $48 and go up to $75
Multi layered net hems can be as high as $150.00
Bridal Gown hems vary ; to hem the front only on sheer gowns start at $45
most gowns however have several layers and can run $100-150.00
Beaded lace gowns vary and can run $100-$250.00
Dress sides in average $30-45.00, Bridal or beaded gowns run $45- $150.00
Bustles on Bridal gowns start at $15 for 1 point, $35.00 for 3 points, $45 for 5
but again, every dress is different and prices may vary.

Jacket plain sleeve shortening starts at $10.00 (this means NO lining)
Plain sleeve w/ lining start at $18.00
Lined with buttons & vents start at $24.00 add cost for button hole stitches
Sides in/out on lined jackets $20-45.00
Shorten bottom of hems $35-45.00
Remove Collar Roll $25-30.00

Normal turn around time on the average order is ONE WEEK, we can do SIMPLE HEMS while you wait. For very large orders and Bridal Gown alterations we may ask TWO-THREE WEEKS depending on the time of year. Prices are subject to change and other rush fees may apply. If you need items sooner, just ask. Many other services are available including gown/dress steaming, just ask for a quote.

Custom Couture Price Guide

Blouses & Shirts typically run $65-150.00
Basic Skirts start at $60.00
Day-wear Dresses start at $180.00 and can go up to $300
Evening wear Dresses start at $250 and can go up to $600
Custom Bridal Gowns start at $500 and can go up to $1,500
Hand Beaded Gowns, & Specialty Fabric Gowns can run $1,500-$8,000

The above prices do not include fabric and findings, it is the construction fee only.
With many custom items, I can give you an educated guess of how long it will take to construct and an approximate price. This is only an estimate. I work on an hourly basis that is fair for the services I provide. I do not provide fabrics but will be happy to shop with you if you are not comfortable in a fabric store. We create a muslin sample before cutting into your fashion fabrics, and require at least three fittings for a custom couture garment sometimes more. On average a garment can take 6-12 weeks to create depending on the time of year and complexity of your garment. I have created garments in as little as two weeks, but these are few and far between and I rely on basic patterns that I know already fit my regular clients. Do not wait until the last minute with a custom item. I ask for my clients to pay in three installments; at the first measurement fitting, at the fashion garment fitting, and at final pick-up of your garment. Some clients are happy to pay more at their first few fittings, however I will not know the end balance until the garment is complete. We normally let clients walk-in, but due to the nature of custom garments, taking a little extra time and care, I do appreciate a phone call letting me know when you will be in. Custom Items take time and care to create but the end result is fabulous. Some items can take 2-3 months during our busy season, if you are not in a hurry it is much appreciated.Some hand beaded gowns can take as long as 6 months to create, so please plan ahead.